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21 grams, 28 days later, 300 dpi, adobe, air, analog, answers, apples, aqua teen, arab strap, art, autumn, avalanches, basement jaxx, beer, beulah, bill mahr, black, blue, blur, boards of canada, bob dylan, brian jonestown massacre, built to spill, calexico, carbondale, carrots, cat power, ccr, ceramics, change, chemical brothers, clinic, cmyk, collages, columbia, daft punk, daily show, design, details, devendra banhart, digital, dischord, dizzee rascal, eno, family guy, flaming lips, flat branch, fugazi, futurama, gang of four, going out, grandaddy, green, grey, guided by voices, heineken, holding hands, hot water music, hugs, id, idlewild, in media res, information, interpol, iron and wine, juice, kcou, led zeppelin, long car rides, lou reed, macromedia, macs, magazines, making out, manitoba, me, michael moore, modern candels, modest mouse, mountain dew, my morning jacket, neil young, new pornographers, nick drake, npr, ny times, one inch punch, palomar, pantone, papermaking, photography, pink, pink floyd, pretty girls make graves, print, pulp painting, quark, questions, ragtag, randomness, red, red hook, refused, rice, ridiculousness, rush, saint louis, samuel adams, sasha, sculpture, sierra nevada, sigur ros, sleep, sneakers, son volt, songs: ohia, sonic youth, spoon, spring, starlight mints, ste. genevieve, steven colbert, strangers with candy, summer, sunny day real estate, talk talk, the french kicks, the panthers, the rapture, the simpsons, the streets, the walkmen, trans am, typography, usual suspects, vhs or beta, warmth, weakerthans, wilco, zombies

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