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Aug. 25th, 2004 @ 08:38 pm meat packing 101
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I began my ninth semester at Mizzou this week. Everything was going as planned until I entered the lecture hall for my Animal Science class. For some reason an art degree requires a lab science class so I thought Animal Science sounded cute and fun. We would study animals and maybe dissect an earthworm or a frog. I should have known that this was not the case once I saw my classmates. They were the type of people that wear john deere hats for reasons that are not ironic. The professor walked into the classroom and told us that the majority of the class time would be spent in a meat locker, and that we would be casing sausage today. I felt a wave of panic come over me, and began looking for the closest exit to my seat. I ended up making a dignified exit after the professor told us that the class would not be a good idea for vegetarians, not that I am a vegetarian. So now I am in a Biology lab for non-science majors. Today we smashed frozen marshmallows with a hammer, and tomorrow we are going to measure seashells.
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sausages and marshmallows.....why am I not in school?